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School work....artist in residence.

School Work/ Community projects.
Since 2005 I have worked on several community theatre projects. I was involved in various projects which included making two theatre sets for 'The Tempest' and 'Romeo and Juliet'.
In 2010 I worked for the first time in a local school under an 'Artist in Residence' Arts project run By Stantonbury Campus.
Summerfield School in Milton Keynes...... 'Take one Picture'  Summer and Autumn terms 2010.
A competition run by the National Gallery.
Taking an old painting and encouraging the children to explore the historical relevance and story of the painting and then make some art from this. An artist can work with the children to help them achieve their goal.
The school decided on a metal Angel for their submission for the competiton. I was asked to join to help the children realise this design and to make it safely at the school.
The project took two terms to complete, where I approached a lot of local companies and scrap yard for donations of materials for the Angel project. We had huge support and only bought the aluminium sheet for the wings which the children shaped.
I organised the children into groups to work on different parts of the body. They assembled the pieces as they wanted them and I later took them away and welded them together and added any parts for assembly.
The groups all assembled their area of body to a skeleton that they made.
As time was short I made a small dog counterweight to keep the Angel stable.
The Summerfield Angel was picked for the 'Take one picture' summer exhibition and is on display at the National Gallery May to September 2011.
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Brooksward School in Milton Keynes...... a 3D mixed media mural. Feb 2011.
A week of the Arts at this school where the children spend a week in the creative arts.
I was given the opportunity to change the look of a security fence and gate which had recently been moved very near the entrance of the school. The staff wanted it to have a new look that portrayed the events and activities of the school and involved the children in the whole process of design, construction and installation of the mural.
I wanted the mural to be very eye catching, to include lots of reused items.
The mural has many parts which was designed as many children worked on the project.
The mural combined metal, wood , plastic and foam.
It had to incorporate various animals which were emblems of the different classes. 
It also had to blend in with a mosaic on the adjacent wall.
There has been a massive positive response by the parents, staff and public towards the mural.
It is over forty feet long.
(See photo gallery)